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This section is designed to give you an insight of what we do after we take your images and how we work in the post production phase.

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1. Backup & Upload


The first thing we do after every project is to copy all the photos to a local hard drive.

Automatically those photos replicate to our production server in London configured in RAID 6 for double redundancy and speed.

At the same time the production server automatically begins uploading the images to the cloud.


Having three copies of your pictures, with at least one off-site, is a 3-2-1 backup system and is essential for protecting your images.


Time involved: 1 hour

2. Image Selection


We use specialized software that browse large files quickly and detects

blurry images, unflattering expressions, or duplicate photos to save editing time and only work with the best of the best images.


We have configured this process to cut out 40% - 50% of the images taken. Then our team of editors will improve the selection made by the software, organize the photos in sequence making sure that the images tell the complete story of your wedding day.


Time involved: 3-6 hours

3. Color and Tonal Correction (Include with every job)


Color and tonal correction are essential to polishing a final image. During this stage, we take each individual picture and analyze its color, contrast, exposure, white balance, black and white points, highlights and shadow detail, and clarity.

Color Correction includes the following:

  • Exposure adjustments

  • White balance enhancement

  • Tonal enhancement

  • Hue, Saturation, & Luminance density adjustment

  • Noise Reduction

  • Sharpening

  • Clarity manipulation

  • Black point adjustment

  • White point adjustment

  • Highlight & Shadow adjustment

  • Lens Corrections

  • Minor skin retouching if needed


Time involved: 4-8 hours

4. Export


Once the catalog is culled, organized and edited, we’ll export the RAW files into JPG which is a format suitable for printing and displaying online.


We’ll then upload the final images to the client gallery.


Time involved: 30 minutes + Computer time

5. Advanced Edits (Optional)

Advanced edits are an optional service recommended for your album images. This image received beauty edits, color enhancement, and localized brightening and darkening. 

Skin softening, eyes brightening, sweat removal, face imperfections, neck, baggy eyes.

Slim arms and body silhouette only by request.


Advanced edits are available as an add-on product for our client albums or digital files.

Another specialized service are our premium edits.

This can include brightening parts of an image, darkening parts of it, removing some elements like exit signs or background distractions, and in some examples, opening or closing subject’s eyes or swapping heads.

This process is meticulous and can be done to your full wedding gallery. We also can do this process to digital images if a client opts for that service.


Total time involved: 24-30 hours for a full wedding gallery.

6. Signature Edits (Optional)

With approximately 2-3 hours of work per image, our goal with a Signature Edit is to take your images from beautiful to outstanding. These images are recommended for purchases of Wall Arts.

Signature Editing Includes the Following:

Art Direction by César, Advanced Dodging & Burning, Curves Manipulation, Composite Work (Sky Swapping), HDR Detail Enhancement, Advanced Color Harmonizing, Light Effects, Beauty Editing, Background Removal, Texture Placement.

7. Album Design


The album is the most important part of your wedding journey.

We want you to have the most special moments of your wedding day beautifully crafted in a luxury album. A book with the power to transport you back to the magical memories of your special day, evoking genuine smiles and a sense of happiness every time you look at it.

This is how it works:


For most of the couples, one of the most difficult tasks they have when receiving their wedding gallery is making the selection of the best photos for the album.


And the truth is that sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose 100, 150, 200 favorite photos when you have over 1000 beautiful photos in the gallery.


We often hear expressions like: “I want them all”, “I like both of them”, “This is very difficult”, ”We'll continue later”.

It's so true that we have couples from 7 years ago who don't have their album because they haven't been able to make their selection.


To solve this problem and make life easier for our couples and ourselves, as it allows us to deliver much faster and close projects, we have decided to make the selection for you.


Here we explain our process: You have a collection that includes an album with the first 20 or 30 pages.

We will select the photos that, for us, are the best and tell the story of your big day in the most beautiful way. Then we proceed to create the design.

This design will always have more pages than what is included in your collection.

This helps to have a more detailed and visually aesthetic story, but at the same time, it provides more options to choose from and speeds up the selection and approval process.


Once the design is ready, Paola from our team will contact you to coordinate a Zoom meeting and schedule the design review.

In this meeting, you will be able to make all the changes you want.

Add or remove pages. Change/replacephotos. Make upgrades, order prints, signature edits, etc.

The idea is that in this meeting, the album is approved for printing.

It's important that you review the design multiple times and have all the decision-makers involved because once the meeting is over, the design is approved.

Future changes or meetings are subject to a cost per hour.


If you have any doubts or questions about the process, please contact us.

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