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Euridge Manor Photographer

An enchanting Engagement shoot by Cesar Portes Photography, London UK

When Katherine and Jason contacted me about their wedding and mentioned that it would be held at Euridge Manor, I was overjoyed. I had seen pictures of the venue and was eager to capture its vibrant and enchanting atmosphere through my style.

I suggested having the engagement shoot there to make the most of the location since, on the wedding day, there's usually less time to explore the entire venue.

During the session, we captured a variety of photos that ranged from natural and candid moments to artistic and dramatic shots. Our unique lighting style added an extra touch of flair and drama to these images. They would undoubtedly make a stunning addition to their home decor.

The picture-perfect weather set the stage for Katherine and Jason's magical day at Euridge Manor. The venue's gardens were an absolute dream, bursting with vibrant colors and lush greenery.

In the enchanting surroundings of Euridge Manor, Katherine and Jason's engagement shoot was nothing short of a fairytale. Sunlit pathways, blooming flowers, and the overall magical ambiance blended seamlessly, encapsulating the true essence of their love.

Every corner revealed a new photo opportunity, capturing their love amidst nature's beauty.

Tucked beside a picturesque lake, Euridge Manor's hatched boathouse exuded rustic charm, providing a stunning backdrop for Katherine and Jason's love-filled adventure.

I absolutely love guiding and posing my couples in a way that captures their natural essence and makes them look more beautiful than ever before. This pathway with an Italian vibe and the soft sunlight shining from behind was absolutely perfect for creating that effect.

It was an incredible experience capturing photos at The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor. This venue is nestled in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, a few miles from the historic city of Bath.

This exquisitely maintained place is truly magical, and the manager provided us with exceptional hospitality.

I am eagerly counting down the days until the wedding day.

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