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Beautiful wedding engagement shoot at Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic.

So many reasons to fall in love with this engagement shoot.

Emily and Ivan rented a beautiful villa in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic for their pictures.

In order to respect the country COVID guidelines, the plan for the couple and the crew was to stay overnight; that allowed us to take some more beautiful pictures even when the sun was gone, also to share some drinks and a delicious BBQ with them and part of their families. Of course keeping our distance.

Emily is a very confident, extroverted, kind, beautiful bride and also very organized.

Days before the shoot she sent me a very detailed mood board with the vision she had of their photos. It had images of every part of the villa, with every dress she was going to wear and the photos and poses she liked for every change of look.

And that my dear brides, is aiming for success...!

By taking those pre shooting steps you ensure that your photographer is aligned with the vision you have; on set she granted me the freedom to do and experiment with the ideas I had.

Ivan is also a very confident, fun and easy-going groom, who trusted our ideas and added a dash of his personality to it.

Emily had four different outfits. We used three of them for the villa shots and the last one for a sunset session at the beach.

At the end of the sunset shoot I made them wear again their formal attire to do some night pictures around the pool and that's when we came up with the Champaign inside the pool idea.

We ended the session with a very sensual moment inside the pool that my colleagues of Vikingos wanted to do for the video.

Everything went smooth, we had a blast and the out coming product speaks for itself.

Enjoy the beautiful images!!

Hair: @zoranllyf

Makeup: @maxpaulino

Video: @vikingofilms

Foto: @cesarportesphoto

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